Silver Award – Free From Eating Out Awards 2017

  • February 23, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a Silver award, in the tea shop and cafe category, at this year’s Free From Eating Out Awards.

The awards seek out the best ‘freefrom’ eateries from beach hut cafés to five star restaurants in the UK and then send out their expert judges. Based on the judges’ reports, gold, silver and bronze awards are made to eateries who understood how to cater safely for food allergic people. But, as important, awards go to those who have learned how to provide guests on restricted diets with exciting, innovative and delicious food which can rival, if not excel, their ‘normal’ offer.

Here are the judges comments:

They were very welcoming even though it was a busy Sunday lunchtime.. I said I was coeliac and had been recommended to go there as they catered for coeliacs but that I was also vegan because of other allergies. The waitress went through the menu telling me what I could have… she was very knowledgeable….’

‘An excellent menu, especially if you were just gluten-free; not quite so much when also vegan! But a wide choice of drinks and alcohol but no mention of gluten free beer or low sulphur wines.. The coffee was very hot and delicious, which makes a change as soya coffee is usually luke warm in order to avoid it curdling.’

‘My husband had gnocchi and said it was delicious… vege but not gf… I had creamy mushrooms and asparagus with rocket made with soya milk … sadly the bread was not vegan so I asked if I could have it without. When it was served the chef had made me a soya flour flatbread which was excellent…’

‘Every item sold is good quality, well presented and I felt confident that they took care of my dietary needs. But the emphasis is definitely on Gluten Free; it would be nice to see more choice for other allergies and vegans.

‘As we left, I thanked them for all their efforts and the waitress suggested that if we came again, we could ring ahead and book and tell the chef and he would make something vegan and special for me.. (THIS IS A GARDEN CENTRE CAFE… I DON’T GET THAT IN THE POSH RESTAURANTS!).. Would I go back? You bet… but I will ring ahead next time.’