• Our containerised trees can be planted all year round
  • We can order all sizes of trees but mainly stock 6-10ft trees
  • Acers, Sorbus, Salix, Fruit, Cragatus, Betulus…and more!
  • Pear trees should be planted in pairs in order to pollinate
  • Apple trees are recommended to be planted in pairs, although Bramley are self-pollinating and do not need a “partner”
  • Stakes and ties are needed when planting trees
  • Apply Potash to fruit trees every autumn and spring for best results
  • We have a range of both fast and slow growing trees
  • Some trees can grow up to 100ft!
  • We have both flowering and foliage trees
  • We also have a delivery service for when you can’t fit them in your car. We simply charge £10 within a 10 mile radius with a cost of £1 extra per mile thereafter